Type F 18 inches fixed edge tyoe corn paper woofer

Type field coil magnet type
Caliber of cone paper 18 inches
Maz Input  25 W
 Voice coil Impedance 11.7 (400Hz) 15 (1 kHz) 
Size 460 ~ D: 259 [mm]
Weight 20 kg
Field coil power supply 24V / 1.25 A

Large-diameter cone paper of GIP-4601 is press-molded after combing softwood pulp material, and it is very light.
The edge is a fixed-edge which is integrally molded with the cone paper, has very fast sound reaction against audio signal.
The structure of the voice coil is a double-winding structure of aluminum wire. Its bobbin is made of paper, it has equally spaced holes drilled in order to pull out the exhaust pressure generated by the amplitude of the cone paper.
Damper mounted in cone paper base is adopted a special craft paper which has been pressed in wave form.
As GIP-4601 magnetic circuit, field exciting coil is installed there. A high purity pure iron is used for body and top plate, it has been achieved very high magnetic efficienct.

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