Type Compression Driver
Caliber of Voice Coil 4 inches
Impedance 24ƒ¶@/@1@KH‚š@12.5ƒ¶[‚c‚b]
Max Input 25@‚v
Caliber of Throat  2@inches
Size ‚v203~‚g216~‚c159@m‚‚n
Weight Roughly 16 kg
 Field Coil Power Supply  ‚c‚b24‚u@/@1.0@‚`
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GIP-5015 is the electromagnet type driver unit, which is developed based on the WE-594A design.
As same as WE-594A, not only the equalizer, top plate and pole piece of GIP-5015 but body and back cavity are subjected to ultra-precision machining.
Body, the top plate the pole piece@of the GIP-5015, are made by shaving the high purity pure iron which has high magnetic efficiency.