Type Horn Tweeter
Caliber of Voice Coil 1 inche
Impedance 20.0ƒ¶iDC)
Max Input 6 ‚v
Size ƒÓ100 ~ D180 [mm]
Weight –ñ 3 kg
Field Coil Power Supply  DC 7 V / 1.06 A
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The ultra-high purity pure iron is adopted for its magnetic circuit.
An edge-wise voice coil and very light diaphragm realized replaying high frequency range with very high resolution.
Its horn and equalizer made of brass are subjected to a precision machining and gold-plate, then are subjected to a mirror finish.
By these horn and equalizer, have made possible to replay a rich and concentrated sounds of high frequency range.
Brass ring surrounding the outer periphery of the horn works as wave-guide, improves not only high frequency response but 2 KHz around.
It helps to sublime whole system to reach to a higher dimension.