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Type Field Magnet type
Caliber of cone paper 8 inches
Size φ206 × D125 [mm]
Weight Roughly 4 kg
Field Coil Power Supply 7V / 1.25A

Type:8inches Fixed edge fullrange speaker

GIP-4189 is a full range speaker unit is manufactured based in USA Western Electric TA-4189.
TA-4189 has been only a little numbers production as monitor speaker, so it is said TA-4189 is really rare ones.
TA-4189 was being used as a monitor speaker of Mirrophonic system that were used large numbers in the United States throughout the 1930s.
Therefore strong sound was requested for TA-4189 because it would be used in a projection room where was noisy with the rotation sound of the old projectors.

GIP-4189 has a characteristic that is very strong efficiency even it is small speakers.
It is only 20cm in diameter speakers, but has a good balance of voice band, and sounded airy sound with a powerful energy. GIP-4189 is the gem which has condensed Western Electric sound in a compact.