GIP-4181A woofer unit is the model of the reproduction of WE-4181A (more correctly:EPRI TA-4181A in USA).
This is Field coil magnet speaker unit.
And we adopted fixed edge cone paper (18 inches) to this woofer.
And we are using highest pure iron material to the body
To the voice coil, Aluminum wire was double winding to paper bobbin, and the dumper is made by paper material.
These are quite same to the method of WE original.

The 4181A was born in order to support for high quality sound of 594A.
For the reason, 4181A sound is fulfilled at extreme energy, and have surprising speed to the initial-response.
GIP-4181A can pull up the potential ability of other speaker unit.
So it is effective to all speaker units even if you don't have WE products or GIP products.

Type F 18 inches fixed edge tyoe corn paper woofer

Type field coil magnet type
Caliber of cone paper 18 inches
Maz Input  25 W
 Voice coil Impedance 11.7 ƒ¶(400Hz) 15 ƒ¶ (1 kHz) 
Size ƒÓ460 ~ D: 259 [mm]
Weight 25 kg
Field coil power supply 24V / 1.25 A
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