30154 is a metal horn that has been manufactured in 1937 by the Western Electric London.
It was attached adapter of 555 drivers, was used primarily as a sound equipment for theater.
Directivity of the sound is a horizontal 30‹ vertical 25 ‹.
30154 horn is not so large, but the sound path is also about 3m.
According to the measurement results of mounting a GIP-555W, since the range of 100-6kHz has a substantially flat reproduction characteristics, it can bear the full-range use.
In order to match the sound quality and the phase of the GIP-30154, the structure of the woofer cabinet is adopted a folded horn type.
2 pieces of 15-inches woofers, GIP-815 are mounted in woofer cabinet, and its strong bass extrusion and fast initial motion sensitivity has firmly underpin the rich sound of 30154 horn.
GIP-597A is put on the top of the GIP-30154 Horn.

œSize F W:1735 ~ H:1336 ~ D:660 [mm]
œGross weight per channel : roughly 280 kg
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Type : 3 way 4speaker carl horn system

iWoofer)  GIP-815 ~4 
 (Driver)  GIP-555W ~2
 (Tweeter)  GIP-597A ~2 
 (Enclosure)  GIP-505 ~2
iHorn)  GIP-30154 ~2
 (Network)  GIP-3080 ~2
 (Attenuator)  GIP-WAT ~4
 (Field Exciter)  GIP-24V4A/7V1A ~2