TypeF2way2speakerEfront roaded horn system

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Cross Over Frequency FRHz
Size F W:480 ~ H:940 ~ D:460 [mm]
iWoofer)  GIP-4189 ~2 
 (Tweeter)  GIP-597A ~2 
 (Enclosure)  GIP-225 ~2
 (Network)  included type ~2
 (Attenuator) included type ~
 (Field Exciter) included type ~2

GIP-225 system has been developed in order to let customers know the goodness of the electromagnet speakers. Development concept was thath make by suppressing the costh and "the same sound quality with advanced machine".
Woofer of 20 cm diameter has been adopted which the sound was excellent among the prototype cone papers those were produced during the development of GIP-4189. The differences from GIP4189 are center cap and body of magnetic circuit. We've put a center cap in order to better the high frequency characteristics.
But it has resulted in the unexpected by-product. By installing center cap, it lets increase the strength of the cone paper against to low frequency, the sound efficiency increased also.

Tweeter has been developed based on GIP-2502, and its horn length is close to GIP-597A.
The woofer cabinet has adopted a front-loaded horn type. Woofer cabinet size was minimized without the system low-frequency sound sacrificing. Also it has the advantage that the sensitivity of woofer from the horn effect of the cabinet has been increased by about 6dB.
The dividing network and power supply of electromagnet are same as advanced model. We tried capacitor of dividing network other than oil paper capacitor, but there was no good results. So we didn't change each parts material.