WE-12A horn is massive wooden horn that was developed in an early stage among many products of WE Inc.
And the horn have used at movie theater or musical hall mainly.
It is the origin of WE-15A horn and WE-17A horn.
We were compare all of the massive wooden horns of WE Inc at the equal listening environment.
And the results, WE-12A horn showed us the best performance.
So GIP decided the reproduction of 12A horn and proceeded the commercialize.
This horn's excellent curve shapes are structuring by assembled many wooden parts.
Everybody can consider easily that it is the very difficult work.
Actually, we need a long time and highly technique of the exquisite craftsman to this manufacture.
GIP-555W receiver mounted to this horn, and using with full range frequency.
And GIP-597A is mounted to the upper side of this horn.

In the WE Inc, they had used WE-13A horn with WE-555 for the low sound part.
It had installed at bottom of stage of the movie theater.
But these size is unreal in order to install in general listening room.
So GIP developed several super woofer for this horn, and we are proposing to customer according to room size or favorite sound.
Originally, 12A horn had installed with suspended from the ceiling.
But almost listening room not have metal fitting for hanging.
So GIP is preparing stand parts for the mounts of 12A horn.
In addition, we are selling also GIP-12B horn.
GIP-12B horn have double throat for 2 pieces of GIP-555W.

Copyright (C) 2001 G.I.P.Laboratory All Rights Reserved

Type : wooden curved horn system

 (Driver)  GIP-555 / 555W ~2
 (Tweeter)  GIP-597A ~2 
 (Wooden Horn)  GIP-12A ~2
 (Network)  GIP-LCF ~2
 (Attenuator)  GIP-WAT ~4
 (Field Exciter)  GIP-7V3A / 7V2A) ~2
 (Set up stand)   ~2

œSizeF W:1143 ~ H:1715 ~ D:1194 [mm]
œGross weight per channel F roughly 92 kg